WrenSong Creations

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WrenSong Creations
In 1985, Wren George began etching glass using a catalogue start-up kit to make unique gifts for her friends and family.
Her first project was a personalized picture frame for a baby shower, with the baby’s name, birth date and, “an adorable picture of a cartoon monkey” in the top corner. When Wren’s gift was opened, the baby’s family was so moved, they began to cry. In that moment, she knew this was a business she wanted to grow.

Products and Services
Glass, in and of itself, is illumination, providing us with light, air, and the refreshing illusions of space.  Taken a step further into Art Glass, we find beauty, elegance, sparkle, and a host of other qualities to grace and enrich our lives.  At WrenSong Creations we have enjoyed great success working from our clients visions to fill their unique requirements.  There are often several paths to explore for each new project.  At Wrensong Creations we truly enjoy creating to the customers vision.  We have many product blanks available as well as design options to suit your personal concept.  All pieces are hand-crafted and often combine multiple techniques including surface etching, carving, stained glass and hot glass.

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